flatlines #1

-what if there is a world outside of the box?

-you mean the whitespace world?

-what? that is not even a color

-you scientific blob thats not the point

flat_x whispers jerk

-did you wonder what’s this stairs for?

flatlines #2


flatlines #3

-oh, am i late again?

-seriously, i am not seeding today

flatlines #4

-wait, what?

-mhm that flattie* is in a good shape today.
the zooh sees.

*: hot flat

flatlines #5

-light me up dude
*time remapping*

flatlines #6

-damn it, i am in different structures now

zoom in

-you look weird
-shut up i am naked again
-so am i flat_z
-don't look at me for a while
-ahhh all right
-you need to accept that we are the same points and lines
-what's the difference (peepy)

flatlines #7

-tsktsk tsk tsk tsktsk


-bonjuor, majesté

flatlines #8

-i'll be your mirror


-oh fuck me (pardon my french)

-fuck, oh me

-i forgot something really important, now i am just floating in space

flatlines #9

(out of the box thinking)

-are we moving out?

flatlines #10

it started with a skin, floating around

the sphere, of course you have met before

s has forever changing attitudes of course

later you'll think something completly different about this (which still makes sense)

-hey feeels nice here

-if someone asks me

:flattened out:

flatlines #11

flatlines #12


flatlines #13

-hello? hello, hell-o

flatlines #14

-eh, let me just rest here, working on my posture

-sometimes i just wondering what if i am self destructive. like an auto pilot mood.
-yes, like a self destructive pilot or an auto destructive pilot. both sounds great enough. huh?

-i guess you are overflowin' now.

-also you are quite a flattie today..
-i like your angle a lot. made me felt soft things.